Online marketing. Targeting the right customers, bringing in lots of website hits, going viral, spending over $70 billion marketing dollars online just last year.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? There’s just one problem: you’re not participating in any of it.

You have a small business that seems to have maxed out. It’s efficient, but without enough customers, there won’t be any room to grow. That means bringing in more customers through the ancient art of marketing in its latest incarnation: the Internet.

If it all sounds like too much to handle, let’s break it down into smaller steps with a checklist for getting started with marketing online.

Getting Started: Build Your List of Accounts

If the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then the easiest thing you can do right now is sign up for the online marketing accounts you’ll need.

Don’t worry — there are no financial commitments at this point yet. Just a heck of a lot of usernames and passwords to manage.

Hold on tight to that LastPass file. In addition to the accounts just listed, you might find yourself signing up for more tools and online marketing outlets throughout your professional life. Don’t worry — you’re making progress.

Social Media: Start the Buzz

Today’s online marketing is about more than finding the right customer and putting your product in front of them. It’s often about finding a friend of the right customer and getting them to share your link. That’s the power of social media.

But social media marketing can be tricky, and you’ll need to pick your battles. Here’s your checklist for creating a social media marketing plan:

Hootsuite put together a detailed guide on the basics of social media advertising. Be sure to read through it before you spend your hard-earned money just hoping for the best — it will be time well spent.

Build a Search Engine Presence

We already had you sign up for Google and Bing ads. But there’s plenty you can do to optimize your search engine presence before you spend a dime:

Outside-the-Box Marketing: Where to Start?

There are other forms of marketing out there, and they don’t all walk the most conventional paths. Instagram celebrities regularly sell their audience to sponsors — a bit like selling TV air time. Wherever there is an audience, there is an opportunity to advertise.

Get Started with Online Marketing

Put it all together and you should feel like you’re at the start of a race. Your shoes are tied, your hands are in the dirt, and you’re just waiting to hear the buzzer kick things off. It sounds like a lot, but when you’ve done everything you can to prepare your small business for online marketing, you’ll be rewarded in confidence and excitement for the track ahead.