A business phone system used to mean a lot of things:

Bulky hardware. Complicated set-up. Being chained to a desk during business hours.

As an entrepreneur, it’s likely none of those things sound particularly appealing to you – and you’re not alone. Old school business phone systems are falling by the wayside, chiefly because of the benefits of virtual phone systems.

A virtual phone system, like Grasshopper, is hosted in the cloud and allows you to have a dedicated business line that simply forwards calls to your smartphone. They offer plenty of features, but let’s translate the case for virtual phone systems into hardline benefits for you, the entrepreneur.

Look Professional

If you’re choosing between a virtual phone system and handing out your cell phone to everyone on the internet, the choice is pretty easy. Not only does a dedicated business line help you draw a boundary between work and home life (you can easily turn call forwarding on or off and set dedicated business hours), it can also help project a professional appearance.

Whether it’s a toll-free number, local number, or dedicated business voicemail, there are plenty of ways to convey what an experienced, consummate professional you are.

Take Your Business With You

This is probably the number one benefit of virtual phone systems and the main reason so many entrepreneurs and small business owners opt to go virtual – you can take your business with you.

All of your business calls can be forwarded directly to your smartphone, meaning you can pick up the kids from school, hit the gym before it gets busy, even take off to Aruba… all without missing a single call. Not to mention you can make outbound calls while you’re sitting in traffic, fire off text messages while waiting in line at the grocery store, even read your voicemails from the doctor’s office.

Save Dollar Bills

We’ve already mentioned all the money you can save by avoiding pricey hardware, but that’s not the only financial benefit of a virtual phone system. Business phone systems that are hosted in the cloud are especially well-suited for solopreneurs and really small businesses.

If all you need is one phone number for your business and call forwarding to go with it, you can use Grasshopper for as little as $24 a month. Those are big time savings versus a traditional phone system.

Scale Your Operations

With a traditional phone system, scaling your business means buying even more expensive hardware and paying a higher monthly cost. With a virtual phone system, scaling your business is as easy as setting up a few new extensions online.

You can easily add extensions for new employees when they start or for general departments as you continue to grow. Add an employee directory or informational extensions, forward calls to multiple numbers, and update your main greeting just by logging into your account online. It’s that easy.

And on and on…

These are just a few of biggest benefits our customers praise about their Grasshopper phone systems. There are a million and one benefits to opting for a virtual phone system over a traditional business phone – many of them will be unique to you and your operation.

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