Over the past two weeks, the idea of telecommuting has been a hot topic as Telework Exchange and Cisco released a substantial report on their “Telework Week.”

Back in February, the two companies decided to implement a telework week from February 14-18 to see just what the benefits of telecommuting really were.  According to the report:

At Grasshopper, we fully support the telecommuting work style. You can save money, increase productivity, help the environment, and even save lives!  Plus, there are so many tools out there that make telecommuting easy and seamless.  We use tools like Basecamp, Skype, IM, and GoToConnect to stay connected to our remote employees and when we work from home.

We’ve compiled a few posts from around the web to let you guys decide: Should companies embrace telecommuting?

Would love to hear what you think about telecommuting!  Does your company offer it? Do you work from home? Is it really as good as people make it seem? Tell us in the comments section below.