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For those of you who are fans and followers of us on Facebook and Twitter, you probably know that PopSurvey is a sister company of ours that was launched back in November.

Everyone wants to get feedback from their customers and prospects, but up until a month ago you didn’t really have many options for how to get it. Now, you have PopSurvey.

PopSurvey knows that their surveys are the best on the web, so to prove it they decided to challenge their surveys head to head with SurveyMonkey surveys.


PopSurvey is so confident in their surveys that they’re willing to bet they get higher completion rates than SurveyMonkey’s surveys.

This is where you come in.  To prove this, they need your help.

The challenge:

PopSurvey is looking for Grasshopper customers with at least 1000 customers they’d like to survey.

Once selected, they’ll help you create identical surveys on both PopSurvey and SurveyMonkey.  Then, you’ll send 50% of your customers the PopSurvey version and the other 50% the SurveyMonkey version. Easy enough right?

At the end of the challenge, they’ll compare the completion rates for all participating companies to see if PopSurvey’s surveys are in fact, the best on the web!

What’s in it for you?


Head over to http://popsurvey.com/challenge to apply (you only have to answer 3 questions :)) and someone from PopSurvey will be in touch with more details on how to take the challenge!

Have a question? Tweet it to @PopSurvey.