Spreadable LogoThis post is part of the Spreadable Startup Series, which tells stories of entrepreneurs trying to change the world.  The series is made possible by Spreadable.  Each week we will profile a new company and help them spread the word!  Want in? Apply here.

So it’s Tuesday morning and you’re reading Bostinnovation.  In fact, you’re probably expecting to read about this week’s Spreadable Startup Series winner.  It’s still early and you were hoping this week’s inspiring story might really motivate you to get some work done (or maybe even take the first steps on the business idea you’ve been sitting on).  Unfortunately we can’t be that motivation this week, but hopefully this will help – Entrepreneurs Can Change the World.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves here at Grasshopper Group, we thought it might be fun (and really helpful) to try out something new.

So What’s the New Idea?

Highlight the really cool things freelancers are doing We realized two things recently:

  1. Tons of small businesses are looking to hire a freelancer but aren’t really sure what to look for, what the differentiating factors are, and ultimately will end up looking for a recommendation.  Let us be that recommendation.

  2. There are some really kick ass entrepreneurs out there doing it on their own, and flying under the radar. They have cool stories too and deserve to be celebrated just like a startup would.

How it works: Each week for the next couple of weeks we will feature 1 specific industry.  We will help point out things small businesses should be looking for when hiring free lancers specific to that industry.  We will then pick 1-3 awesome free lancers and highlight them, their work, and yell from the rooftops about what makes them unique.

Apply here.

Why are you (@ghgroup) doing this?

We subscribe to the belief that “untraditional marketing” really works.  So instead of paying $X thousands of dollars to sponsor a banner ad on TechCrunch, we thought it would be more valuable (and fun) to use that money and create a program like this, which actually creates value for the community.

Also, just like any good entrepreneur we have felt this pain ourselves. So why not just go out and create the solution?

Do you want anything in return?

Not really.  All we ask is that you take a look at Spreadable, our newest brand which helps increase word of mouth referrals.  It’s simple:

If you like it – try it out! (its free for 30 days)

If you really like it – tell one person about it.

If you don’t like it – please tell us why and maybe even what we could be doing better?

If it’s not a fit for your business – thanks for taking a minute to check it out!

If you are still looking to submit your startup’s story or have any questions / comments whatsoever just shoot us an email: buzz (at) grasshoppergroup (dot) com.  We love hearing from you and will always respond.


Special thanks to Lindsay Goldner for the awesome suggestion.

For the original article, check out BostInnovation.com.