March is Women’s History Month!

To celebrate, we’re putting the spotlight on real women entrepreneurs who are taking the boy’s club of business ownership by storm. Throughout the month, we’ll be featuring fearless women who’ve taken the leap into entrepreneurship, so stick around.

Today’s post highlights Ana Ramirez of Ana Ramirez Photography.

Ana’s Story

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As Ana will tell you, she’s been an entrepreneur at heart since her early childhood. Her very first venture involved selling barrettes and other handmade items… she was 11 years old. Since then, Ana has been a floral designer and now runs her own photography business.

The journey to Ana Ramirez Photography has been an uphill climb — Ana hasn’t had the luxury of a partner with a steady paycheck or having her supportive family close by. By following her passion and talent, she’s managed to build a successful business that she enjoys.


The world of photography has traditionally been very male-dominated. However, Ana doesn’t feel that that presented a big challenge to her.

“What I do find as a female entrepreneur is that women, in many cases, don’t support each other,” Ana stated. “I’ve experienced that first-hand in both of my businesses, encountering women who were in a position to help but they chose not to.”

Ana’s experience speaks to the need for a sense of community among female entrepreneurs. In order for women to succeed in business, it’s important that we all rally around and support one another. Community groups — like Young Women in Digital and Breaking The Glass — are a great way for women to give and get support from other successful women entrepreneurs.

Ana noted, “Sometimes I have also felt that, as a woman, it’s [considered] surprising to be a successful business person.”

Advice for Future Women Entrepreneurs

Ana’s advice for current and future women entrepreneurs is to support one another. She noted the importance of having a community of like-minded women around you: “I’ve been fortunate to find a handful of women who are generous and kind and not afraid to help.”

The best way to pave the way for increasing numbers of women-owned businesses is to encourage and promote our fellow entrepreneurial women.

About Ana Ramirez Photography

Ana Ramirez Photography is Ana’s passion project where she’s committed to helping people make home into their “most treasured space.” Through the website, customers can purchase prints of Ana’s work, as well as other items like phone cases and throw pillows. Ana’s photography is also sold at Pottery Barn.

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