Every once in a while, it makes sense that we all stop, pause, and take a moment to appreciate our small businesses and everything they allow us to do.

And with Bad Poetry Day coming up on the 18th, what better way to express that than a bad poem?

Maybe it’s a crummy love sonnet, a simple haiku, or an epic poem that chronicles the ups and downs of your business journey. No matter which format you decide to go — take some time to celebrate your small business in this lyrical, fun format.

Want to see some examples?

Shakespearian Inspiration

Jon Lamphier from CopyHackers wrote these lovely verses about their daily work:

Shall I convert thee with a copy line?

Thou hast received my email drip campaign.

Pain points to prime this target now combine,

With problem, agitation as refrain.

Your words I’ve mined to speak your native tongue,

And mapped a path emotions follow fast,

A trusted voice hits home with arrows slung,

Pushed through the page and down unto the last,

And now the offer comes to solve it all,

Like fate you feel you’ve found the perfect match,

Your clicking finger words to action call,

Now you desire to write with prose to catch -

But where to slake your new conversion thirst?

Go visit CopyHackers.com first.

Haiku Simplicity

Brad Farris from EnMast.com chose to write a simple haiku about his business:

Today I show up

working to make some progress

just a little more

Silly and Fun

Digital Careerist Jacob McMillen wrote this one about his daily work:

Marketer #10 wants to sell you a course

Help you run in a race won by yesterday’s horse

Something that worked a long time ago

Ten year old case studies promising dough

Hand over your cash, cause my website is swanky

“There’s no problem with subprimes” says Bennie Bernanke

What’s an owner to do with advice this corrupt?

What’s a business to do to avoid getting...

... taken advantage of

Fortunately for you, we’re not all full of crap

There are actual ways to put your brand on the map

So if you're tired of following overpriced schmucks

Head over my way for advice that won’t suck

Rhyming and Rythmic

Sujan Patel’s co-founder and the team at Web Profits put together this not-so-bad rhyming poem:

Want to grow your business?

The web is the space

Want to grow it fast?

Web Profits is the place

An online marketing agency

Which can help from end-to-end

We want to ensure you get

The most you can from your spend


Content and Social too

We track, measure and improve upon

Everything we do

We carefully report

Numbers are at our heart

So you’ll watch results improve

Right from the start

We love to innovate

Because online moves fast

That’s how we can find

The growth that will last

Your Turn: Write a Poem About Your Small Biz

Take a second today to pause and celebrate all that your business does for you in the form of a good (or bad) poem. Write down the challenges it poses, the rewards it produces, and the qualities it has produced in you as a person.

It’s nice to take a moment and really think about all of the hard work you put it — and what happens as a result of it. Plus, the poem format is fun — and a lot less intimidating than a formal blog post or year-end review. Give it a whirl, and share it with your audience.