Entrepreneur woman leader

The business world can be tough to navigate. You might be feeling lost, frustrated, or confused about new directions to pursue. That's okay — it's normal and there are plenty of resources out there to fuel your career advancement and help you cultivate your leadership skills.

We know what you’re thinking, that type of reading is boring though, right? No way. Today's top blogs are as entertaining as they are insightful — they're the mentor that you've always wanted but haven't yet found.

Here are some of the web's best career and leadership blogs that you absolutely must start following:

1. Women 2.0

This blog is geared towards the entrepreneurial, tech, and startup-minded. Read first-person accounts of career growth, venture funding experiences, and the path to CEO. Hear from high-achieving professionals just like yourself in fields such as business development, engineering, and management. This blog comes with in-person perks you should take advantage of too, like pitch conferences and monthly meet-ups in major startup cities all over the world.

2. The LearnVest Blog

You've managed to earn the big bucks, but what happens now? LearnVest is a free money management platform that helps women craft smarter budgets. The company's blog transforms the topic of personal finance from a dry, convoluted topic into an emotionally compelling journey. Read about money management through a women-focused lens.

3. The Daily Muse

This online community helps women navigate the complex world of careers by covering the important topics of entrepreneurship, education, and tech. You'll also find a dose of health and style here too. Best of all, the publisher helps to connect hiring managers with qualified job seekers. The Daily Muse is a fashion magazine, discussion portal, and job search tool — all merged together.

4. The Levo League

This website's mission is to help you find your dream job. In support of this goal, The Levo League empowers you with three tools — an exclusive job search board with awesome opportunities, a virtual office where you can network and connect with female mentors, and a blog that is jam-packed with good old fashioned advice on topics like being your own advocate at work and identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

5. Glamour

You might be surprised to see this one on the list. The fact is, however, that women are constantly struggling with inspiration to find ideas for hair, makeup, and clothes. There's only so much that you can do with a button-up shirt until your outfit feels drab and boring. Dress for success without sacrificing your feminine creativity — Glamour will give you a dose of inspiration.

6. Harvard Business Review

Are women better leaders than men? What are the top traits that a leader should embody? What key industry trends should make you jump? The Harvard Business Review adds an intellectual discussion to these business topics. No matter your field, this blog will give you a competitive advantage by helping you think critically.

7. Forbes Woman

From workplace confessions to awkward HR discussions and workplace-friendly fragrances, Forbes Woman has all the professional bases covered. How should you prioritize integrity vs. success? Forbes' team of writers ventures into the most compelling topics for your career.

8. She Takes on the World

How do female entrepreneurs make time for everything from raising kids to taking a company public, and just plain relaxing? Where do you find time to go to the salon and keep looking your best? That's exactly the point of this blog — to help you find balance.

9. Your Own Blog Blogging can help you become a top expert in your field. Why not start? Even if you only blog a couple of times a month or year, it will help you establish an online presence and expand your reach. More importantly, you'll be able to reflect on your experiences while providing a resource for fellow women to learn from.

There you have it — a reading list to help you become a phenomenal leader, no matter your needs or style. These women-focused reads help address the business world's missing pieces related to awkwardness, what to wear, and how to feel through the process of learning and growing.

What are some of your favorite blogs? What reads have been most influential for your career growth?