Here at Grasshopper, we take our core values really seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we created an acronym to make them easy to remember: GARY.

G: Go Above and Beyond

A: Always Entrepreneurial

R: Ridiculously Professional

Y: Your Team

All of our team members strive to live these core values every day, but today we’re celebrating someone who has been particularly awesome: Rich!


The man, the myth, the legend.

Rich has been with Grasshopper since 2013, and he heads up our Customer Operations team. They’re the ones who work with our support team to make sure everything runs smoothly with customer accounts -- you may have emailed or spoken with one of them at some point!

Rich doesn't just work with customers -- he's deeply passionate about his job and does everything he can to make sure each and everyone has the best experience possible. But it doesn’t stop there -- his passion also carries over into how he manages his team.

Even though his team has grown over the past year, he still makes himself available to each one of them, and makes sure they have all the tools they need to do their jobs exceedingly well. His team actually came up with the idea for this celebration!

He’s regularly recognized at our monthly team lunches, where we call out team members for demonstrating our core values - our “I Caught” program. He’s “caught” and does an even larger amount of “catching” each month, as illustrated by these comic-strip representations.

Rich caught Khoi

Skittles Caught Rich

Rich embodies the Grasshopper spirit with both his team and our customers, so we thought it's only fitting that in addition to celebrating him, we go above and beyond for you!

Today only, we’re giving a special RICH discount for new customers: a $25 credit! Just head over to the Grasshopper site and your Rich discount will be waiting for you!