A few weeks ago we let you know that 855 numbers were set to be released in October. Today we can officially announce that we will begin taking 855 reservations.

How Can I Reserve a Number?

At midnight on October 2nd, the Grasshopper team will be working with our number carrier to reserve specific 855 numbers for our customers before they become available to the general public.

For $650, Grasshopper will make sure your number is included on our reservation list. If we are unable to obtain your specific number, you will be refunded $600.

We will notify you within 3 days (of October 2nd) as to the status of your reservation & if acquired, your number will be ready to go within 7 business days.

Grasshopper customers will have the option to pay via credit card while non-customers must pay by check. Payment must be received by September 16th in order to secure your reservation.

While there is no guarantee that we will get every number, this is the best opportunity for those looking to get high-demand vanity numbers.

If you don’t need to be first in line or are simply looking for a standard 855 number they will be available to the general public on Oct 15th.

Reserve Your 855 Number Now!