What is Appsumo?

AppSumo LogoSo at this point I am sure everyone knows that Groupon got offered $6 Billion by Google (and turned it down).  But what you might not know is that we entrepreneurs have our own Groupon!  Enter Appsumo.  Appsumo is simply a site that offers outrageously good deals on web applications.  It was founded and created by Noah Kagan – a former Facebook/Mint.com guy.

How does something like this start?

We love what they are doing, and so logically we wanted to find a way to collaborate!  We asked Noah what crazy ideas he had that he has wanted to let loose.  Noah thought it would be really awesome if we put ALL the power in the consumers’ hand.  Here is the deal we are offering, and you know what – pay whatever you want for it.  Being quite the fun risk takers ourselves (We did send 25,000 chocolate covered grasshoppers….) we couldn’t help but get involved.

What’s The Deal:

For the next two days only you can get a $100 discount off the Grasshopper Virtual Phone System….and it will cost you whatever you feel like paying!  Just head over to Appsumo.

What can you do with a $100 Discount?

Let us know if you have any questions at all, we LOVE doing this:

Jonathan @grasshopperbuzz or Noah @noahkagan