Meet Stephanie Bullis from Grasshopper

This week’s employee spotlight is on Stephanie Bullis. Stephanie is our word of mouth marketing manager. She runs our buzz department here at Grasshopper and is responsible for generating “buzz” about Grasshopper through press, events and other fun things that get people talking. The goal of Stephanie’s job is to make sure our customers have a good experience with our brand and want to tell their friends about it.

Let’s get to know Stephanie…

Who did you first see live in concert? (and when if you remember)

Technically, my first concert was in 1988 when I saw Sharon Lois & Bram, the brilliant minds behind the theme song of The Elephant Show and the ever so popular tune “Skinnamarink”. Looking back on it now, it’s quite terrifying. The first concert I actually remember seeing was 10 years later, in 1998 when my mom reluctantly took me and my best friend to see 98 Degrees (I’m not ashamed).

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

In the 5th grade I wrote a paper about how when I grew up I wanted to be the first female NFL referee. Unfortunately my dreams didn’t come true, however, I was very excited when I heard that this season the NFL had it’s very first lady on the field.

What is your biggest fear?

In no particular order, my three biggest fears are bridges, clowns and home invasions. The thought of a clown breaking into my house and leaving me on a bridge is probably one of the scariest things I can imagine.

What’s the first thing you would save in a fire?

Definitely my jewelry box. I’ve got some old family jewelry with a lot of sentimental value that can’t be replaced. Although, it’s easy to answer this now since I’m not staring at flames and scared for my life – but in the heat of the moment, I really hope I’d make this same choice.

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

Martina McBride, Happy Girl. I’m a big fan of country music and like to look at life with the glass half full.

Fun facts – have anything interesting people should know about you?

I used to be allergic to the cold – living in New England this made winter’s very difficult.

Connect with Stephanie on Twitter at @srbullis.