Grasshopper Employee Spotlight

It’s Meet the Employees Monday here at Grasshopper.  This week’s employee spotlight is on Adam Majid.  Adam is on the UX team here and is a Senior Front End Developer. As Senior Front End Developer he works in conjunction with the designers and UX specialists to produce web experiences for our users. When one of our talented designers hands off their work to Adam, he turns that visual design into code, which then renders as a website in the browser for all to enjoy.

Let's Get to Know Adam...

Adam Majid from Grasshopper

Dogs or cats?

I don't know why but I've always been a cat person. While dogs are clearly the most loyal pets in the world of domesticated animals, cats have a certain sort of aloof intelligence that I find appealing. Either that or maybe cats just remind me of my ex girlfriends: they only show me love when they're hungry.  Also, I'm pretty sure they can see ghosts.

Morning person or night owl?

Is it possible to be both? I have been known to stay out pretty late from time to time (for example, I don't think I made it home on New Years Eve until 6am), but no matter what I'm always awake and ready to face the day before 10am. It's a blessing and a curse.

Twitter or Facebook?

Back in the day when I was a young buck attending Syracuse University, and Facebook was strictly for college students, I could tolerate it. However, current day Facebook is incredibly unappealing to me. If you're my friend and I want to get in touch with you and make plans or share information, there are a million ways for me to do that without Facebook (and without my aunt liking my posts).

Twitter is a different story though. I used to feel the same way about Twitter as I did with Facebook, but it really is a different experience all together. Twitter tends to keep me informed about things I really care about, as told by the people who are closest to the actual information.  And it's not a bad way to make friends with like minded internet denizens. Feel free to follow me on there for your daily fix of irrelevant nonsense and esoteric inside jokes.

Most passionate about?

Music, food, code, and gadgets. I think that means that my ideal recreational activity would be mixing records while eating a taco and coding on a tablet.

Favorite candy?

Kookaburra Licorice.  If you've never had it you're doing yourself a disservice.

3 things you never leave home without?

iPhone, sunglasses, pack of cigarettes (I should really quit).

Fun facts – got anything interesting people should know about you?

I travel a lot in order to gain a greater understanding about the world, and I used to secretly try and visit more countries in a year than one of our co-founders, David Hauser, although he didn't know about this little game.  I think in 2011 David beat me 11 countries to 7, but I think he had the entrepreneur's advantage in this game.

Stay tuned for next week's employee spotlight on Adriano De Filippis!