There are so many great places for entrepreneurs to get information; blogs, forums, Twitter, conferences, meet-ups, co-working spaces, etc, etc. Sometimes it's hard to sort through them all!

To at least make one part simpler for you, and give you something to read this holiday weekend, I've put together a list of some of my favorite blog posts about entrepreneurship and business from the past month. I'm sure there are a hundred more out there but here are my favorites. Enjoy!

1. Which Excuses are Keeping You from Starting or Growing Your Business?

Overview: Matthew from offers tips for those “wanna-be” entrepreneurs that are hesitant about starting a business. If you are on the fence about starting a business, this should inspire you to take a leap of faith and just do it! (or at least stop making excuses about why)

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2. Entrepreneurs Test Before Starting Your Business

Overview: Kevin from gears this post towards internet entrepreneurs. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up an online marketing campaign for your business. The important thing is that one can invest little money to gather data about the market they are trying to enter if they use this strategy.

3. Do Entrepreneurs Have ADD?

Overview: This post examines the possible correlation between Entrepreneurs and ADD (attention deficit disorder.) Carol Tice makes the case that ADD allows entrepreneurs to tend to the many different aspects of owning and running a business. Do you have ADD? :)

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4. 9 Hats of an Entrepreneur

Overview: As an entrepreneur one is be expected to play many different roles in a business. In this series, 9 different roles of an entrepreneur are examined, ranging from manager and chairman to parent and spouse. These posts really offer some insight into things one has to consider as an entrepreneur.

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5. Selling your Business: The Second Most Important Number

Overview: This article warns business owners about selling their businesses. Sometimes in offer sheets, prospective buyers will entice a business owner with a high purchase price but leave high working capital stipulations in the term sheet that could leave business owners will little money on the day of the sale. Entrepreneurs and business owners beware!

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6. Web Site Development: Template or Hired Web Designer?

Overview: Does your business have a website? Are you worried that spending a significant amount of money on a professional website may not be worth it? You may be right, this post outlines the differences when deciding to use a template based website or hiring a professional web designer. See which one is right for you!

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7. Small Business News: The Times They are a Changin’

Overview: This post is an aggregate intended to keep entrepreneurs up to date about changes in the small business world. The topics here range from marketing and social media, to taxes and diversity.

8. Links Your SMB Can Easily Snatch Up

Overview: This post offers 14 different ways small business owners can build links for websites. Link building is the key to get one’s website to show up in Google’s organic search results.

9. Self Employment Sucks

There is a common misconception out there that being an entrepreneur and being self employed are the same thing. This post points out the differences between being self employed and an entrepreneur and how you can get trapped being self employed!

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10. Business Ideas You Can Drive Home Today

**Overview:**This article features 100 business ideas that can be started with little or no funding/experience. If you are looking to start a business but aren’t quite sure what you should do, definitely check this out!

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11. How to Grow a $1 Million side Biz

Overview: This post is a success story about entrepreneur Sari Crevin who founded BooginHead, and created the SippiGrip. Sari reveals her road to success as well as some business mistakes she made along the way. This post is great for inspiration and is a wonderful resource that includes tips on how to help your business take off!