With companies like Google touting daily cell phone activations of 500,000, cities are running out of area codes quicker and quicker, forcing new ones to be created.

Maryland is the latest state to add a new area code and has settled on 667. While Maryland is a small state, according to the Washington Post, this isn’t the first time they’ve had to add a new area code. In 1991, the state added 410 and in 1997 the 443 code.

“My understanding is the proliferation of mobile devices is the main cause,” said Douglas Nazarian, chairman of the Public Service Commission. “Just think how many numbers you have where people can reach you. I have four or five,” he added. “There are just more devices now that require a phone number.”

With the North American Number Plan issuing 25-30 new area codes a year, it appears that Maryland isn’t alone and we will definitely be seeing more of this.

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