What’s new with small business and digital marketing? I’m glad you asked! Here are a few things people are talking about this week.

Analytics Are Key to Increased Sales for B2B

A new study out of Regalix found that, of those who experienced sales increases of 11-50%, over 60% attributed those increases to analytics tracking. Twenty-nine percent of those surveyed noted 10% or less increased and as many as 8% saw a more than 50% boost from utilizing marketing analytics.

Surveys like this expose the true value that can be found in tracking and optimizing marketing spend and performance. From digital ad metrics to website analytics and beyond, being able to accurately measure marketing performance can make a big difference.

If you’re not leveraging powerful analytics, you’re officially behind the times. With all of the tools available to maximize your marketing efforts, why not take advantage?

Google Takes Action Against Mobile Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are annoying enough on desktop interfaces, but as the screen gets smaller, they become even more of a hindrance. That’s why Google is taking notice when it comes to mobile websites.

As mobile-friendliness becomes a less prominent factor, pop-ups (or “interstitials”) are the next target for Google. Beginning next January, the search engine will penalize pages that display intrusive interstitials above or on top of content.

While the quality of content is still the strongest of ranking factors, the new penalties should help to keep top search results as user-friendly as possible.

Small Businesses Shun Credit Cards

It’s 2016 and small businesses who accept only cash payments are officially living in the past. Credit and debit cards are far and away the payment method of choice for most consumers, but does that mean small businesses have to accept them?

While the choice was once cut and dry, businesses now have the option to accept mobile payments in lieu of credit cards. With consumers rapidly jumping on the mobile payment wagon, it seems many small businesses are skipping the credit card acceptance all together.

In the nation, around 34% of small businesses currently accept Apple Pay. That’s an increase of over twenty percentage points in the last year and a half. Only 27% said their payment systems were EMV (Europay/Mastercard/Visa) compatible, despite how long EMV systems have been in use.

What do you think of last week’s news? Does your small business accept credit cards, mobile payments… both?