What’s new with small business and digital marketing? I’m glad you asked! Here are a few things people are talking about this week.

Only 15% of Marketers Use Advanced Technology

In the past few years, there’s been tons of development in marketing technology. There’s a tech solution for pretty much every aspect of the marketing and sales process – but are marketers really leveraging them?

A new study done by Salesforce and Harvard Business Review shows the answer may be no. The survey found that as few as 15% of marketers use advanced technology from automation and other tools to analytics and data management. In fact, 49% of marketers were underutilizing available technology.

With so many varied marketing campaigns and tactics, it can be hard to track efficacy and efficiency without leveraging advanced tools. The study did note one little ray of hope – 93% stated they intend to increase their use of marketing technology going forward.

Google Makes Room for More Specificity

If you’re a regular user of Google AdWords, you’re familiar with the character limits placed on title and body copy for Google ads. And you’ll be excited about this news – Google has expanded the number of characters included in both the headline and description.

Once restricted to 25 characters and one line, the headline can now hold two lines of 30 characters. That means you have more than twice as much real estate to make an impactful statement that fosters clicks.

The description is also growing, from two 35-character lines to one, continuous 80-character allotment.

Most Budget-Friendly Place to Start a Business?

Ask anyone where the best place to launch a new startup is, and you’re likely to hear places like Silicon Valley, San Francisco, etc. But according to a recent SmartAssets study, there are quite a few more budget-friendly places to start a business.

Topping the list is Chattanooga, Tennessee. In fact, you won’t find any cities like San Francisco or Cupertino in the top 10. You will, however, find some awesome places to live and work – like Orlando, Memphis, and Columbia, South Carolina.

The study looked at the average costs over the first year of starting a business and considered expenses like labor, office space, fees, and utilities.

Were you surprised by any of last week’s news? Where do you land on utilizing advanced technology options for your small business marketing?