I read an article the other day in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle titled, “Landlines are fading, but still play a role”. Admittedly, I was a bit surprised to see the numbers:

Am I surprised that people are only using cell phones? No, I’m surprised at how many people still have a landline! Perhaps it’s because I fit into the 25-29 demographic but even my parents haven’t had a landline since 2005.

After my initial shock, the article got me thinking about how people use the phone these days and it’s actually kind of amazing. Gone are the days when you simply picked up the phone at your house, made a call and that was it. Now we have a number of different ways to make a call:

Not to mention we now text, email, send pictures, etc. over the phone.

As we continue to develop new technology it’ll be interesting to see how our phone habits change and what new companies are built as a result.

Here at Grasshopper, we’re working on new ways to make our phone system better and think we have some pretty great things in store. Stay tuned!