Scott Gerber is the author of the recently released book, Never Get a 'Real' Job.

Get excited for our first ever video interview!  Brace yourself for this candid and energetic interview between Jonathan Kay, our Ambassador of Buzz, and Scott Gerber, a Gen Y entrepreneur who is really making a splash.

Scott is the founder of an unbelievable new movement called the Young Entrepreneur Council.  The YEC is made up of the world’s top young entrepreneurs, business owners, and thought leaders.  Its goal is to produce original content in the form of practical advice and tips….for Gen Yers by Gen Yers.  The Council has been featured in the WSJ,, Mashable, OpenForum, Business Wire, as well as a lot of other super well respected media outlets.

Scott has also just launched a book titled Never Get a “Real” Job.  We thought the basis of his book was interesting, controversial, and timely so we decided to send our Ambassador in to learn more about him and see what this “real job” nonsense is all about….

Interested in Scott Gerber's Never Get a 'Real' Job book? Leave us a comment below! We will be giving away 3 copies, one to each of our first 3 commenters!