Greenhorn Connect LogoHave you ever noticed that girls always seem to travel in groups at night?  Or that smaller guys at the bar always seems to act tougher when “their boys” are around?  Not so much a coincidence.  People are very much a product of their community (or “tribe” as Seth Godin might point out).  In fact this concept of “community” is a very powerful one.  It’s a pretty democratic idea when you think about it.  Community is what empowers petitions and protests to be such powerful tools.  Community is the power of people.

In fact, social media and web 2.0 websites have only made this idea of tribes even more powerful.  Why else would there be well over 40 pages of open “Community Manager” Jobs?  Why would I do what I do at Grasshopper Group and Jason do what he does for oneforty?  Because it works…and businesses need to care about their community now more than ever.  Here are a few reasons why if you don’t have a community manger…you need to hire one:

Out With Direct Sales….In With Word of Mouth

People really don’t like being sold to anymore.  Not that anyone ever woke up and thought….”I wish a salesperson would call men today”.  But it was a necessary evil…not anymore.  For instance, here at Grasshopper Group we very rarely (if ever) will engage an outside agency.  However, you better believe the very few times we did it’s because they came highly recommended….not because I got an email proposal from some company who I have never met or spoken to.  I get at least 2 of those emails every day.  Those companies need to fire their sales people and hire people who will get their truly happy customers talking more (and yelling if possible).

How do you do that?  You make them raving fans; you make them so damn happy with your work that they can’t help but talk about you.  Because you better believe if I saw a tweet that said “X-Agency is amazing!  They really embodied our brand with this Campaign”…and then that was RT’ed by someone I knew – you would have my full attention.

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