Impact National Conference

Impact 2010 National ConferenceOn Friday, November 12th and 13th, Grasshopper will be attending the Impact National Conference. This conference is one of the only (and one of the best, so we hear) conferences put on by student entrepreneurs, dedicated to driving the entrepreneurial spirit among other students.

Impact Entrepreneurship Group

The Impact National Conference is hosted by the Impact Entrepreneurship Group. The goal of this group is to help create the next generation of entrepreneurs and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit amongst youths.

What’s most interesting about this group is that it’s Canada’s largest non-profit, entirely student run organization encouraging entrepreneurship. All in all, this is a very cool demonstration of youth entrepreneurship. They are not only helping to foster a passion for entrepreneurship, but also helping young entrepreneurs establish powerful connections with successful business owners and leaders.

Why We’re Getting Involved

This conference will be kicking off Global Entrepreneurship Week, something very important to us here at Grasshopper Group. Global Entrepreneurship Week gives us one week a year to celebrate entrepreneurship and to inspire others to join the ever growing entrepreneurial movement.

With our recent petition to establish a National Entrepreneurs’ Day, we felt it was important for us to not only support, but participate in the Impact National Conference.

What Were Doing

Here at Grasshopper Group, we’re kicking off Global Entrepreneurship Week and the Impact conference with a get together on Thursday to celebrate not only entrepreneurs but also our customers, and meeting new people!

On Friday afternoon, Jonathan Kay will be running one of the two afternoon breakout sessions. He will be speaking about engagement and how it has changed in regards to both community and outreach to the media. This breakout session will consist of a presentation and a Q & A portion with about 75 students.

On Saturday, you can find Jonathan at the Speed Networking event from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. At this event, Jonathan will act as a mentor going around from table to table of students every 8 minutes, answering questions and talking to students about entrepreneurial topics.