Happy People Working Together

Whether you're part of a big corporation or a small startup, distractions abound. Your smartphone rings, an IM pops up, the copy machine seems extremely loud, and Chatty McChatterson who works a few desks away is having a loud conversation.

When you’re in the zone, a split second distraction can totally disrupt your concentration. Coping with too many emails and the sound of coworkers mingling can make you lose a lot of work time--- forever.

So when you come to work, think of ways to maximize productivity and minimize distractions. Here are 3 huge distractions complete with ways to fix them:

1. Chatty McChattersons and Other Noise

It's great to work with social butterflies, except when they distract you from getting your work done. Even if there isn't one particularly chatty person, coworkers talking across the room can make it hard to focus, even if they're talking about work. According to Inc., these sorts of interruptions make up a whopping 43% of office distractions.

Fix it: Invest in a really sweet pair of noise reduction headphones to block out noise and keep you in the zone. At Grasshopper, we have an open floor plan, so we swear by these!

2. Office Furniture

In order to get work done, you have to be comfortable. Tightness in your back and stiffness in your legs are totally distracting when you need to be writing code or perfecting a marketing email. It's not worth suffering like this. With the right furniture, you'll be way more comfortable and get lots more done.

Fix it: Invest in high quality furniture (it's worth it!) and consider getting office-wide ergonomic training to make sure everything is set up just right. Also see: Jazz Up Your Home Office With 3 Tips For Success.

3. Email Interruptions

There's a lot of talk out there about whether or not you should deal with email in the morning or set aside a specific time to check it later in the day. According to Buffer, almost all of the world's top CEOs say they check email first thing in the morning. Perhaps it's because they want to stay connected with their team and are way more productive than the rest of us...or maybe they're on to something.

Fix it: Test out a few different strategies to find out what works for you. Spend one week taking care of emails first thing in the morning (and only first thing in the morning), as they come in, or at another specific time during your day.

Other Distractions

These are not the only distractions out there. Problems with your personal life, lack of sleep, and a too hot or too cold temperature can make it hard to get work done. Take care of your basic needs-- you need to be comfortable, well-fed, and awake-- and you'll find it easier to focus.