One of the top features of the Grasshopper virtual phone system is the ability to forward your 1 800 number to any number on any phone. No really, ANY phone/phone number in the entire world! Your home phone, your office phone, your cell phone, your mom's cell doesn't matter.

Setting up call forwarding for your 800 (or local) number is easy through your online account manager.

We have broken it down into 3 simple steps:

1. Login to your Grasshopper account, choose 'Settings'

2. Under Settings, choose 'Call Forwarding'

3. Choose 'Add Number' & Put in the desired forwarding number (click image to see full size)


That's it!

Those simple steps are all it takes to forward your 800 number with our virtual phone system. Easy huh?

Once you put in the number, or numbers (yes, you can forward calls to more than one number), you can choose your call forwarding settings:

Along with 800 number forwarding there are a ton of other great features with the Grasshopper virtual phone system including extensions, custom greetings and voice mail transcription. Check it out and be sure to contact our 24/7 support with any questions you may have.