Earlier this year, we launched Grasshopper Academy — a place for current and aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to be better, more effective business owners. We want to help small businesses everywhere become more productive and efficient… because strong small businesses build us all up.

Whether you want to learn more about starting, running, or marketing your business, there’s a course on Grasshopper Academy that can help you do it. From financing a new venture to building your website, you can learn all the tricks, best practices, and how-to’s.

For those who haven’t taken a walk through the halls yet, we put together a quick video, so you can learn more about all the insight Grasshopper Academy has to offer. Take a look:

We’re still building the Academy, taking insight from entrepreneurs like you and creating new courses to guide you through business ownership’s toughest challenges.Let us know what courses you’d like to see — you can email academy@grasshopper.com or drop us a line in the comments below.