Are you working in the gig economy?

With more than 53 million Americans working as freelancers and 24% earning money through the digital ‘platform’ economy last year, you’re part of a rapidly growing subset of the U.S. workforce. In fact, researchers estimate as much as half of the working population will enter the gig economy by 2023.

What’s with all that growth? The gig economy was born in response to the financial crisis, when full-time jobs were few and far between – but it continues to grow because of the flexibility and financial freedom available. As many as 68% of Americans look to gig work as a good option for a flexible work schedule.

If you’re one of those millions of people looking for flexibility, Grasshopper might be a good addition to your gig toolbox. Here’s why.

Take Your Work With You

The last thing a flexible business needs is to be tied to a desk from 9-5 every day. A traditional phone system is bulky, limited your business, and isn’t what you signed up for. Grasshopper’s virtual phone system lets you take work with you, wherever and whenever you go. Calls are forwarded straight to your smartphone – and with the mobile app, you can make outbound calls from your Grasshopper number and keep tabs on texts and voicemails.

Stay Lean & Nimble

With a traditional business phone system, you have to buy expensive and bulky hardware like desk phones and switchboards – hardware that can weigh down a gig-based business like yours. Instead, Grasshopper works entirely in the cloud. That means you don’t need to deal with any physical equipment or be tied down by cords.

Sound Professional

You might be running a one-person show from your home office, but your customers and clients don’t have to know that. Both businesses and individuals are more open to working with independent contractors as the gig economy grows, but they still expect to deal with legitimate and professional businesspeople. Grasshopper helps you sound as professional as you are with a dedicated business line, professional voicemail, even an 800 number.

Keep Your Personal Data Personal

Speaking of a dedicated business line, you might hesitate to hand out your personal cell phone number to clients or publish it online. You want to be accessible to existing customers and prospects, but you also need to be able to turn work off sometimes – that’s hard to do when everyone and their mother has access to your personal phone number. Instead, level up and get a local or toll-free number that’s exclusively for business.

And so…

Grasshopper and the gig workers lived happily ever after – making calls, taking names, and cashing checks. Interested? See how it works or head straight to sign-up.