Grasshopper Loves KISSmetrics

This post is written by our Ambassador of Buzz, Jonathan Kay.

One of my favorite things about working at a start up is how easy and open other entrepreneurs are to collaborating.  There is no paperwork, no long drawn out process.  If you like what the other company is about, the people who work there, and there is a logical overlap then you can make magic happen.

One company we really love here at Grasshopper is KISSmetrics.  They are the go to experts when it comes to analytics and testing.  On top of that I really respect the organic and human approach Hiten Shah takes to getting their brand out there.  If you email, tweet, or even call him - he will respond and be engaged.  To me, that speaks volumes.

Either way, Hiten and I found a fun way we could work together and engage you guys at the same time. Here is what we were thinking:

Our Goal:

Conduct a fun challenge/test where we identify 3 start-ups who have never used KISSmetrics & do not have a phone number on their site. We will hook each participant up with a Grasshopper Virtual Phone System and a KISSmetrics account for A/B testing and analytics analysis.  We want to learn from the results, and then share those lessons learned with you - hoping it helps you at some point in your journey.

Our Hypothesis:

People feel more comfortable with brands that they can put a face behind.  Even though you might purchase a product exclusively online, having a phone number on your site and the ability to talk to a real person (who cares) in turn makes you feel more comfortable taking our your wallet (or recommending someone else to) for this brand.

Length of “Test”:

4-6 Weeks

Guidelines for entry:

1.    Never used KISSmetrics 2.    Do not have a phone number on your site 3.    Company is under 3 years old 4.    Have a real product or service and are charging money for it 5.    Must be comfortable sharing real numbers relating to this experiment (not revenue)

Whats in it for me?

The 3 start-ups who participate will get lifetime GH/KM accounts, as well as very good exposure to 10’s of thousands of entrepreneurs via our blogs and social networks.

Hot Damn!  How do I get involved?

We will get back to you in the next week or two (regardless of if you are picked or not).

Questions? Tweet me at JonathanCKay.