Over the past few months, Grasshopper headquarters have been “going green”. A new solar power system is in the final stages of installation and pretty soon, about 20% of the building’s power (including HVAC) will be generated by sunlight.

This is an exciting step for Grasshopper and it got us thinking, what else can we be doing to green up this place?

As it turns out, our own product actually helps with that! A virtual phone system is a great way to help your company go green.

Work from home

With the Grasshopper call forwarding feature, you can work from home and never miss a call. More importantly, you don’t have to commute to an office.

According to a Huffington Post article by Jason Seeger, if more companies encouraged telecommuting, the U.S could use 625 million fewer barrels of oil each year, cut greenhouse emissions by 107 million tons of carbon dioxide and save $43 billion on gas. Wow!

Save a few trees

Did you know that every year each person in the United States uses roughly 749 pounds of paper? That’s a lot of paper and a lot of trees!

In most offices, faxes use more paper than any other piece of equipment. Think about it. You send a fax cover sheet, the actual fax and of course it prints a confirmation (or a page telling you it failed). A single page fax could result in four pieces of paper being used.

With virtual faxing, you can save paper and reduce your annual usage. Simply have your customers send faxes to your Grasshopper number and they will arrive in your inbox. You can even store them in your account.

No handouts

You walk into a conference room and there on the table is a presentation printed out for you. Why? With today’s technology it seems unnecessary to print out copies for everyone involved in a meeting.

Virtual meetings are easy and especially with remote team members or out-of-state vendors, sharing a screen is much easier than trying to go over a printed document. Solutions like GoToConnect are great for screen sharing and combined with your virtual phone conference calling feature, you can have a virtual meeting in minutes…without all the extra paper.

Companies across the US are taking steps to go green. Whether it’s using a virtual phone system, offering employees work from home days or greening your building, there are a lot of great things happening.

What is your company doing to go green?