I have been working here at Grasshopper for a year now, and most of you probably either know me as “The Ambassador of Buzz” or @grasshopperbuzz. For those who don’t know me, my job consists of a lot of different things jam packed into one. One of these things is trying to get our customers (entrepreneurs) press & buzz.

Believe it or not, it’s actually encouraged for me to do this; our founders are equally happy if I get press for a customer or for Grasshopper. I have gotten customers featured in the Wall St. Journal, ABC news and most recently, I was able to land coverage for Grasshopper customer Lanorma Huggins-Hopes on and Zak Normandin on Top Entrepreneur TV.

I really take pleasure in helping customers gain buzz and awareness as I understand how big of a hurdle this can be when starting up a business. That’s why I am always looking for new ways to promote customers and new relationships that might help me do so.

I was very fortunate to recently be introduced to, a site (run by entrepreneurs) that features entrepreneurs and highlights their business strategies, philosophies, and methodologies.

I would like to introduce you to Brian Null; he is the founder of, and an entrepreneur himself. After speaking with Brian for just a few minutes it was immediately clear to me that we both shared a similar passion for entrepreneurship and learning about people’s unique journeys.

Brian has a great opportunity for Grasshopper customers and any entrepreneurs who follow our blog:

Hi Jonathan and thanks to you and Grasshopper for the recent opportunity for to interview David Hauser, Co Founder of Grasshopper. is built to shine a light on entrepreneurs and their “M.O.”, or Modus Operandi / Method of Operating. As you mentioned, we are entrepreneurs ourselves and nothing gets us more energized than speaking with other entrepreneurs.

We have a bit of a slant toward Internet entrepreneurs, because the Internet has created such an amazing vehicle to launch a business in a very cost effective and rapid manner. However, we like to talk with entrepreneurs from all walks, across all industries, and from around the world. We were excited to find Grasshopper (a testament that viral video marketing works) and to discover how enthusiastic your group is about entrepreneurship and supporting those efforts.

For the folks reading this, if you’re an entrepreneur or know of one we should feature on, please drop us a note. We love to hear new entrepreneurial stories and shine a light on those efforts; it’s our entire focus, or as I like to say, it’s our M.O. :).

I can be reached using the contact form on or you can find me on Twitter at

Thanks again to Grasshopper for this opportunity! is a great opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs and I highly recommend you check out their interviews and pitch your business to Brian.