Your Grasshopper virtual phone system makes it easy to organize yourself AND your small business. There are many simple tricks you can use with Grasshopper to avoid the chaos and clutter often associated with trying to run a company. Below are several tips to help you get organized:

1. Only Give Out One Number

Giving out just one phone number instead of an office, fax and cell phone makes things simple for you and even simpler for those trying to reach you. Clients, colleagues and friends will know they can always reach you when they dial your Grasshopper number.

One phone number can ring up to six numbers including your home, office and cell phone.  And if you can't take the call (or simply don’t want to), our advanced voicemail and fax handling options allow you to easily check and manage messages.

2. Throw Out Your Fax Machine

While we don’t advise actually throwing away your old fax machine, our virtual fax feature will ensure you use it a lot less. With our virtual phone system you can use your toll free or local number to receive faxes.  Each fax can then be viewed from any computer or compatible mobile device.

If you have an advanced number then you are already capable of receiving faxes. Callers can simply send faxes to your number just like any other fax number.

To set up forwarding faxes via email:

fax email

3.  Save Voicemails and Faxes to Your Computer

Have you ever had to listen to saved message after saved message to find the one you were looking for?  Grasshopper’s virtual phone system allows you to save all of your messages and faxes and then download them to your computer.  Keep your messages organized and your inbox clean.

To save voicemail messages:

download to computer

4. Give Clients 24/7 Access to Frequently Requested Documents

Fax-on-Demand allows your callers to instantly access important forms and printed information without needing your help. This is a great way to get menus, order forms and other documents into the hands of your customers faster.

If you want more information about any of our features, take a look at our How It Works page.