I’ve read a lot of content that boasts titles like “Foolproof Strategies for X”, and they often leave me feeling, well, a little underwhelmed.

So in this post, I’m offering my best suggestions for strategies that boost reach and influence that I’ve actually used and seen be effective in my own small business.

This post is going to be all tried and tested tips — so buckle up, and get ready to learn.

Use Twitter Deliberately, But Like a Human

I had a Twitter account for six years before I really started putting it to work.

When I decided I wanted to find more meaningful Twitter relationships for my business and become an authority within my niche, I knew I had to stop sitting on the sidelines (not participating) and only posting tweets about my dog. It was time to get down to business.

Here’s the strategy:

  1. Focus the content you share on industry-related topics. Share relevant articles, participate in industry Twitter chats, and start following other people working within your niche.

  2. Start engaging people you want to talk to (without asking for something.) Share your input, offer perspectives, and respond when they pose questions.)

  3. Share what you know. Talk about results you’ve produced, share testimonials, and spotlight interesting articles you’ve written.

Results: This strategy helped grow my Twitter following, skyrocketed impressions, and helped start conversations with fellow entrepreneurs that have since turned into business partnerships (AKA more revenue!)

Get Smart About Facebook Advertising

If you want to boost your reach and influence, Facebook advertising is definitely somewhere you need to spend some time and money. Thanks to the advanced targeting features Facebook ads can offer, you can create ads that get your name and brand in front of a highly relevant audience.

It works: I A/B tested various Facebook ads over the past year, and was able to drive up website traffic by as much as 68% in a single month with their help.

Think about devoting a starter budget of $100-$500 on Facebook ads to test the waters (if you haven’t already). You can make tweaks to your campaign and pause them anytime, all while getting real-time reports on how your ad is performing.

Partner Up

Two audiences are better than one, so it makes sense to work with a partner (or four, or five) to get your brand in front of new eyeballs.

In your partnerships, you could:

When I owned an online jewelry business, I was constantly partnering with different bloggers who would showcase my items in their daily outfit posts. These partnerships allowed me to reach new audiences and to get my product endorsed by people my audience looked to for shopping advice.

Build That Email List

The inbox is a sacred space for most people, so if you can build up a list of tuned-in email subscribers, you can expand your influence with a captive audience. I’m actively working on doing this, and it’s important to note: This activity takes time. Don’t get frustrated, and hang in there.

Foolproof list-building strategies for email include:

As your list grows over time, you’ll create a database of people who are excited to hear from you when you’ve got exciting news to share (like when you’re getting ready to launch your first book.)

Start Now: Boost Your Reach and Influence

Are you going to become the go-to authority within your field overnight by following these strategies to boost your reach and influence? No way. But over time, people will begin to recognize your name and brand — and associate it with the awesome work you do.

Take the strategies here and make them your own — and watch your influence grow.