Pitch the Show

“Pitching” is a really important part of business; in fact it’s practically unavoidable. Not only does pitching your business help you gain exposure and create awareness but the feedback you receive along the way will be integral in shaping and growing your business.

About 3 or 4 months ago I was talking about this with Adam Stacoviak (the Producer/Host of a great podcast called “The Web 2.0 Show” and a good friend of Grasshopper). It was apparent to me right away that we both felt equally passionate about the value of pitching and helping entrepreneurs grow their business/gain awareness. A few Skype calls later our brainchild “Pitch the Show” was born. We were able to combine all of the elements we felt were important: Adam’s podcast, a Grasshopper virtual phone number (1-888-WEB20SHOW), an opportunity for entrepreneurs to give their best 90 second pitch, and the chance of being featured and gaining great exposure.

The basic format of the show is that anyone can call into 1-888-WEB20SHOW and give us their best 90-second pitch. The 2 best pitches each month will be featured on a separate episode of The Web 2.0 Show. They will have an opportunity to pitch live to Adam, myself, and a monthly special guest. During the show we will give them real time feedback about their pitch and their business.

I have to say, this first episode exceeded even my own expectations and I am excited to share it with all of you. I am a huge proponent of criticism, honesty, and feedback as it is these times in my life where I have been able to grow the most. And that is what I love about Pitch the Show, the opportunity to grow.

The First Ever “Pitch The Show” Winners:

A big thanks to our “Special Guest” Jim Rogers. Jim is the Director of Enterprise Services at “i2E”. i2E is a private not for profit Oklahoma corporation focused on wealth creation by growing the technology based entrepreneurial economy in OK. Jim added some great insights to the show, and I enjoyed learning a bit from his experience. You can reach out to Jim @jrr2ok.

Hope you enjoy the show, I would love to hear any feedback or thoughts in the comments section. Oh ya, and if you want to gain some exposure for your small business PITCH THE SHOW! 1-888-WEB20SHOW

Download the Podcast (right click & save as) or listen to it.