FutureM LogoFutureM was a week long whirlwind of presentations, networking, events and more!  At Grasshopper Group, we were lucky enough to not only attend quite a few events, but also to be presenters at 'A Website Makeover Event: The Future Face of Digital Business', 'Demos with a Capital M”, and the 'Start-Up Marketing Boot Camp: Workshop and Lessons Learned.'

We started the week off with “A Website Makeover Event: The Future Face of Digital Business.”  Our Ambassador of Buzz, Jonathan Kay, was one of four presenters at this event.   Be sure to check out his presentation, as he throws us under the bus discussing our progression as a company, what we’ve learned along the way, and how we have evolved.  Fresh Tilled Soil pulled together a recap of this event, so no worries if you were too busy with other events to attend this one.  All the presentations are there too.

On Thursday night, we demoed our new product Spreadable at the “Demos with a Capital M” event.  We would like to thank Mass High Tech for putting this event together, they did a great job.  This was one of the best demo and networking events we have been to.

We finished off the week strong with the “Start-Up Marketing Boot Camp: Workshop and Lessons Learned” event.  David Hauser, Sonja Jacobs, and Jonathan Kay of Grasshopper Group presented a workshop on creative content strategies.  If you missed this event, there is a great recap of all the presentations, as well as a video recap you should check out.  If you don’t have time to watch the whole video recap (although it is only about 4 minutes long), be sure to fast forward to 1:59, it is one of the biggest games of rock-paper-scissors we have ever seen!

All in all, we’d say it was a pretty chaotic, but successful week for Grasshopper Group at FutureM.  What did you all think of FutureM?