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Ever wish you had more time in your day? I know we do! As small business owners, we all find ourselves dreaming of having just one or two more hours in the day. Imagine how great it would be to actually check things off your to do list or start AND finish multiple projects in one day?

Turn your fantasy world into a reality with a customer of ours, Intern Profits.  Intern Profits teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to find, hire, and manage interns to help grow and expand their business while creating educational opportunities for young adults.  An idea I think we can all get behind!

The idea behind Intern Profits

Intern Profits was started by a husband and wife team, Dreama and Justin Lee. They created Intern Profits as a way to do their part in helping to rebuild the economy, help business owners grow their businesses and give young adults the experience necessary to join the workforce.

While there are other businesses out there who help businesses find interns, Intern Profits differentiates itself by focusing on the business as a whole.  They offer online courses, webinars and video training for business owners to teach them how to create a meaningful internship program that not only benefits their business but also the intern.  To ensure this, they work with the business owners to create exciting and challenging work for the intern which eliminates the popular question, “What will my intern do?” One of the ways they do this is with their Easy Intern Assignments that essentially trains your interns for you, so you don’t have to!

Intern Profits creates a win-win opportunity for business owners and interns. As a business owner, not only are you giving back to the community but you’re also getting the help you need within the budget you have and from an intern’s perspective, they gain the real world experience they need to get out there and into the workforce.

So now that you know what Intern Profits is all about, let’s talk interns.

Picture this: more leads, more sales, more revenue and more profits for your business. Now imagine that being a reality.  It can be with an intern! Just check out all the companies using them.

Here are just a few of the benefits businesses have seen from hiring an intern:

Why we love Intern Profits

…besides everything mentioned above, there’s still some things that makes Intern Profits pretty awesome and particularly interesting to us.  They cater to the startup and entrepreneurial world that we all know well.

One of the great things about Intern Profits is they’ll help you find an intern that fits your needs.  Are you a growing IT company? They’ve got you covered.   Is your business spread out all over the U.S.? Think it’s too hard to have an intern because all your employees work remotely? Think again!  They can help you with that too.  Virtual internships are actually great because you get the help you need and the interns get real world experience (telecommuting is on the rise you know…) as well as better opportunities that wouldn’t normally be available to them.

Just because you’re a startup or small business with a limited budget, doesn’t mean you can’t get the help you need to grow your business! By providing business owners with the tools and resources necessary, they eliminate the common human resources and payroll roadblocks oftentimes faced by small businesses.  Simply put: They’ve got you covered!

To learn more about how you can hire interns to grow your business, provide educational opportunities for today’s youth and re-build the economy too, check out .

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