Woman Drawing Heart Into Snow

Cupid shoots arrows into the hearts of lovers, but rumor has it he’s also out to get businesses.  This Valentine’s Day, make your company a target.  You might run a construction company, a growing startup, or be a reseller of coffee mugs.  It doesn’t matter what your product is, if you follow our tips, there may be an arrow headed your way in your future.

Every company wants to be loved by their customers, employees, and other brands. So, how can you make yours worthy of Cupid? Make your business lovable.

1. Be nice (even when life is annoying).

If you are pleasant, easy to work with, personable, kind, and understanding, you will be loved. Everyday stresses may get to you, they get to all of us sometimes. The morning traffic put you in a bad mood. A client was late to an important phone conference. Yes, life can be annoying, but adopting a short tone and bad attitude will drive your customers and employees away. No one loves a person or company who is constantly grumpy. People will notice a stressed out, bad mood and they won’t like it. If you are kind, others will take notice and be kind to you.

2. Be reliable. Communicate.

Amy, your company representative, promised Jack she’d call him on Wednesday. On Wednesday at 9:00a.m., Amy picks up the phone to call Jack like promised. It seems simple, but many people and companies make promises they don’t keep. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you promise a service, provide it. It’s ok if things don’t always go to plan. You may have guessed a shipment would come in this week, but it’s actually coming next week. Be honest with your customers. Pick up the phone and tell them the truth. They’ll appreciate your honesty. Don’t underestimate being reliable and transparent. If people feel they can trust you, their hearts will fill with love.

3. Be cool.

If people think your company is cool, love will start pouring in, but how can you cultivate the effortless coolness of a dreamy quarterback? Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy your employees motorcycles. Hire passionate people, play music in the office, and be sure to relax. For your customers? Sending out whacky gifts, writing out-of-the-box copy, and having a fun website are all ways to cultivate cool. A straightforward, confident, and creative attitude screams cool. Remember how the babysitter seemed so awesome when she played you her CDs?  If you’re on the cusp of technologies and trends, constantly introducing customers and employees to new things, they’ll think you’re cool.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. If you are nice, reliable, and cool, customers and employees will come running towards you, arms full of chocolates, roses, and diamond necklaces. Well, maybe not diamond necklaces- those will come with a Grammy nomination.