Twitter Contest Starting on Monday, April 11th, we will be running a contest on Twitter. In 140 characters or less, we want to hear what the best piece of startup advice you have ever received as an entrepreneur is.

Being an entrepreneur, you are always learning and are forced to adapt to the ever changing landscape of entrepreneurship.  So, what better way to learn than from your fellow entrepreneurs?

The goal of this contest is to encourage you all to share what you have learned along the way with others because what good is that advice if you don’t pass it on?

So what do you have to do to participate?


You can be entered to win each day, provided you give a different piece of advice each day. You will only be able to win once. Winners for each day will be announced via our Twitter account the following morning at 10 AM EST, and Friday's winner will be announced at 5 PM EST on Friday, April 15th when the contest ends.  Be sure to check back and participate each day!

UPDATE: Thanks all those who participated and shared their startup advice! Check out the winning advice below:

Nick Planeta Twitter Response

13rules Twitter Response

Matt Jackson Twitter Response

BmoreBizKid Twitter Response

Maxim Spiegel Twitter Response

Do you have any advice for startups that you didn't get to share during the contest? Tell us in the comments section below!