Thank you to everyone who submitted a startup dream team and to all those who voted! The results are in and the winner of our Take Your Dream Team to the Final Four contest is Paige Piper. Congratulations to Paige and her startup dream team, the Flyers!  Paige won two tickets to both the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four & National Championship games as well as a 4 night stay at the Omni Royal Hotel in New Orleans.

Paige’s winning startup dream team:

Team name: Flyers

CEO: Gary C. Kelly (Southwest Airlines)

Location: Washington, DC

Product type: Web app

Funding: Angel Investment

Exit strategy: Go public


Flyers is an incredibly unique and winning business idea. Flyers will create an application for the web to store all of your media as well as sync systems so that all electronic devices that have the necessary capabilities can have the multiple forms of media on them. Up until now Apple has been one of the only successful companies to sync multiple devices with an easy interface, yet many consumers have switching costs and may prefer to use a more socially responsible company. Flyers can make this happen. With a dream team led by Gary C. Kelly of Southwest, a known successful leader who consistently strives to outperform the competitor, there will be a unique, dedicated team of workers. Flyers will set a new standard and allow consumers more freedom of choice and force companies to innovate to gain brand loyalty.

We couldn’t have held this content without voters, so thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for the startup dream teams! Anyone who voted for a team was eligible for 1 of 4 $50 Amazon gift cards.  The winners of these gift cards are:

Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you all for participating!