Give Gary a Caption

Gary's participating in March Madness, but his cartoon needs a caption. Someone's on the phone, but what are they saying? Fans are watching, but what are they thinking?

We can't think of a caption for this cartoon, so we thought we'd ask our creative friends, fans, and customers. The winning caption will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card as well as a Spring Fling Basket full of treats and surprises.

Submit your captions as a comment to this blog post by Friday, March 29. We'll select the most creative response (it can be funny, clever, weird, or surprising), and announce the winner on April Fool's Day, a perfect time for joking! Submit as many times as you want. We'll notify winners by email, so be sure to provide the right one when you comment.


Play nice. By submitting a caption, you are agreeing to our House Rules. We reserve the right to reject unfriendly entries.