The slump. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the week; sometimes it happens after days of the same routine. But when you start to fall into the slump, you’ve really got to push to work your way out of it.

Slump = low productivity.

We’re avid blog-readers, so when we feel the slump approaching, we turn to some of our trusty favorites as a reminder that we can be productive, even when we're having trouble.

These bloggers exemplify efficiency—they consistently put out great reads and lead by example.

Some of these blogs offer gadgets that make life easier while others discuss how to hustle. They serve to motivate and re-inspire the productivity that’s crucial to conquering the ever-growing “to-do” list.

And doesn’t it just feel good to be busy? The day flies by, lists get checked off, and things get accomplished. Check out these blogs to help you out:

1. Work AwesomeWork Awesome Logo

We love Work Awesome because it provides snappy insights to boosting work efficiency AND fantastic tips on business developments and self-improvement. Work Awesome is all about harnessing what you've got to be more awesome.

Our choice post: How to Fit in Exercise with Work

2. Seth’s BlogSeth’s Blog

You might be thinking, ugh, another Seth Godin reference on a list. But, wait! While you may have read Godin’s books and listened to his podcasts, have you taken the two minutes each week to read his short and sweet blog posts? These brief nuggets are productivity GOLD. Seth is famous for a reason-- check out his blog!

Our choice post: Coordinate and Amplify

3. LifehackerLifehacker Logo

This site has everything you need to get excited about working. Interviews, life hacks, tips for re-organizing and re-strategizing—it’s all here! We personally love the posts that give insight into the productivity of high-profile (and highly prolific) people such as John Hodgman of The Daily Show.

Our choice post: This is How I Work

4. A Beautiful MessA Beautiful Mess Logo

This one is a little different from others on this list. Its focus is home decor, recipes, and DIY projects, but the quantity and quality of posts is remarkable. And let's face it-- if your home life isn't organized, it's pretty hard to stay on your game at work. The writers are some of the most productive people out there, sharing tips and tricks for getting organized (in a very pretty way.)

Our choice post: On Organizing Inspiration

5. MnmlistMnmlist

Simplify your life is the message behind this minimalist blog—and simplification is certainly key to productivity. De-clutter and get down to what’s important as this blog reminds you what’s important…and what’s not. Don’t distract yourself with all of the “things” that can clutter and disrupt your workflow.

Our choice post: On Wanting Stuff

6. Buffer's BlogBuffer

If you’re looking for tools to make life simpler all while staying up-to-date with technology and productivity trends, be sure to take a look at Buffer. Not only is their blog packed with helpful information, but they also offer their own products that can boost productivity.

Our choice post: The surprising history of the to-do list and how to create one that actually works

Don't Fear The Slump!

Don’t fear the slump—just acknowledge its powers and escape its crushing effects. These blogs can help, but ultimately it takes a little willpower and action to make things change. You can do it!

What do you do when the slump creeps up on you? What blogs do you read?