Getting your website up and running is a huge accomplishment in itself. The next step, then, is making sure it's as effective as possible.

After all, if you have a website but it’s not producing new leads — all that hard work was for nothing. Here are 5 tools to help you get the most from your small business website.

1. CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is a tool that allows you to see how users are viewing and interacting with your website. Using features like their heatmap that shows where users are clicking can help you identify which CTAs are most effective as well as where they are missing important information.

You can also use CrazyEgg to see how far down users are scrolling and where they coming from. All of these resources work together to make sure you’re optimizing the visual real estate on your website and making it as simple as possible for a conversion to happen.

Price: Packages range from $9/month to $99/month

2. Rainmaker

The Rainmaker platform is a robust tool that helps you get the most out of your WordPress website. Using this resource, you can manage your web hosting, site customization, access SEO tools, produce and distribute podcasts, sell products and courses, manage payments, send drip email campaigns, and see metrics on how your website is performing.

This is a great solution for people who want to handle all of their content marketing efforts seamlessly via a simple tool that keeps everything all in one place. No more logging into a half dozen different platforms to get everything done. Rainmaker makes managing your website and content easy.

Price: Plans range from $70/month to $145/month

 3. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics focuses on two main arenas for websites: Analytics and Engagment.

On the analytics side, you can use Kissmetrics to study the behaviors of your website visitors, study your sales funnel, map out customers and where they fall within the conversion journey, and A/B test pages. Plus, you can identify the best avenue for any additional spending to make your website even more stellar.

On the engagement side, Kissmetrics helps you take a deep dive into your audience and understand who they are and what they want. List segmentation for visitors helps you target the most highly qualified leads, triggers help reach a customer at just the right moment, and design optimization makes sure your maximizing the utility of your site design.

Price: Packages range from $200/month to $2,000/month

4. UserTesting

This tool allows you to test your website with a real, human audience. UserTesting will send you video of users trying out your site, provides general feedback from users on where improvements can be made, and helps identify the frustration points that keep a visitor from doing what you need them to do.

You can test everything from A/B variations of different pages, your complete website, landing pages, photos—you name it! By assigning specific tasks within your test, you can see how easy (or how difficult) it is for users to complete them.

Price: $49/video ($99/video after your first 10) with Pro packages available.

 5. Google AdWords

Getting relevant traffic to your website can be tough, so setting up a PPC ad campaign is one way to get in front of interested buyers. Google AdWords helps you advertise your site locally or globally and is extremely flexible to fit your needs. You can edit campaigns, pause them, change your budget, and test different versions—you’re in complete control.

The metrics provided through Google Adwords will help you create more effective ads over time and might even help you discover a new audience for your business you hadn’t yet considered.

Price: You set the budget

Make Your Website The Best it Can Be

Your website isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it project — it needs to constantly evolve along with your business. These tools can help ensure the changes you make to your website improve your sales funnel, not hurt it.

What tools would you add to this list?