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It seems as though every few months another Twitter scandal erupts, and these scandals are usually due to an employee at a company that accidentally tweets something lewd or inappropriate from an official company Twitter account.

While these scandals can be quite funny to the general public, they do cause some damage, especially to brands and those individuals who are directly involved.

In order to avoid these kinds of scandals and keep them from affecting your own company, you should consider following these rules.

1. Don't Save Passwords in Your Browser

One of the main reasons why people inadvertently tweet inappropriate tweets from official company accounts is that they save their passwords to accounts in the browser. Yes, this option makes life easier, but it can also lead you to be careless in recognizing which account you're actually logged into. If you can help it, don't save passwords to Twitter and other social media accounts. This will ensure that you never accidentally log into the wrong account.

2. Think Before You Tweet

Secondly, you should think before you tweet. If you think about the content of your social media post, then that'll make you aware of the actual act of updating social media accounts. Ask yourself if you'd be embarrassed by what you're about to post if it went to the wrong person. If the answer is 'yes,' then you probably shouldn’t press the publish button until you've had some time to revise your thoughts.

3. Plan Social Media Activity

If you work for a company that is active with social media, then you should do your best to plan out that company's social media activity. This means your company should put someone who knows what they're doing in charge of those accounts. This will make sure there aren't any accidents. In other words, just as companies use spokespeople to manage their brand, so too do they need to use social media experts to manage their online brand. Don't just let any random employee handle the Twitter. Put someone in charge; responsibility makes people act smarter.

4. Keep Personal Life Separate from Work Life

Another thing that will help you is if you keep your personal life completely separate from your work life. Yes, this is a tough thing to manage, as often our work blends with our personal life, in the form of company picnics and so on, but that doesn’t mean you can't give it a shot. In other words, don't update your personal social media accounts at work! It's as simple as that.

5. Own Your Social Media Mistakes

If you do happen to make a social media mistake, then you need to recognize that and 'own' it. Don't delete the offensive Tweet or try to hide it. The public will find out and they'll know what's up. It's best to just apologize for the error and accept the consequences. Work with your company to come to a solution, as tough as that may be. It's better to learn from your mistakes instead of dooming yourself to repeat them.