It’s 2017 and the days of sitting at a desk for 40+ hours each week are long gone – especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In fact, more and more companies choose to forego the office entirely.

You left the rat race to follow a passion, but also to be your own boss and gain some much needed flexibility. So why should your business phone system keep you tethered to a landline on a desk in an office?

It shouldn’t. Here are just a few of the many ways Grasshopper’s virtual phone system enables you to take your business anywhere and everywhere you go.

Forward Calls to Any Number

Whether you need to forward calls to your own smartphone, a landline in your home office, or even a car phone (retro’s in now, right?) you can set up your Grasshopper phone system to forward to any number of numbers. You can do the same for each extension, too.

Set Up a Call Forwarding Schedule

Call forwarding is great and all, but what if you need to forward to your office in the morning, your cell phone in the afternoon, and your home office in the evening? You don’t need to log in – just set up a regular call forwarding schedule and Grasshopper will take care of the rest.

Send Texts and Make Outbound Calls with the Mobile App

If you often communicate with customers via text message, you can use the Grasshopper mobile app to take your business number everywhere you smartphone goes (so everywhere you go, let’s be honest.) You can also make outbound calls with your business number right in the app, too. Convenient, huh? 

All Your Communications in One Place

When you’re running a business and on-the-go all the time, organization is your best friend. The last thing you need is to have 3 different conversations across 7 different channels, all with the same customer. The Grasshopper app centralizes phone calls, voicemail, and SMS messages all in one inbox. (Pro tip: Be on the lookout for even more integration coming to the app.)