A piece of advice to web entrepreneurs just getting started: rather than becoming consumed with starting the next Google or Facebook, focus on creating a remarkable company with a niche target market that solves a problem that you yourself have had. Here are four and a half great videos from six entrepreneurs to help you focus, get inspired, and launch a successful startup.

1. Make Money - David Heinemeier Hannson, Co-founder of 37signals

David from 37Signals gives an uplifting, straightforward talk on creating a profitable company, charging money for your product, and to solve simple problems. David and I have similar views on growing a business: do it yourself without venture capital, focus on entrepreneurs (he calls them Fortune 5,000,000), and solve a problem you face yourself. What changes can you implement to either make or create an additional $1 million a year from your niche target?

Connect with David on Twitter: @dhh

2. Break Conventions - Eoghan McCabe & Des Traynor, Founders of Contrast.ie

Breaking conventions is easier said than done, and Eoghan and Des do a great job showing us how to create a remarkable user experience by adding some personality and new thinking to your brand. How can you can make your user experience simply better using Eoghan and Des’ advice?

Connect with Eoghan and Des on Twitter: @eoghanmccabe and @destraynor

3. Create Purpose - Guy Kawasaki, Managing Director of Garage Ventures

Even web companies need to master the fundamentals. When you get past the fluff, Guy touches on a few important points every successful company should have such as a mantra, having a great team, a complimentary partner, and focus. Why exactly does your company exist and what milestones will help you achieve your goals?

Connected with Guy on Twitter: @guykawasaki

4. Be Remarkable - Seth Godin, Best-Selling Author

The title of Seth’s presentation, “Standing Out,” isn’t the most fitting. Standing out is not as important as Seth’s point on how to get your idea to spread, being remarkable, and focusing on fashion and design to fuel your brand. What’s your purple cow?

4.5 Execute Financially - Aaron Patzer, CEO of Mint.com

Why 4.5 you ask? Although I like Aaron’s story of how and why he founded Mint and his advice to entrepreneurs on overcoming doubt and structuring a team, I’m against early stage venture capital, handing out shares like candy, and starting a company without a co-founder. But nevertheless his advice on how to manage financials and plan for the unexpected is good whether or not you’ve decided to take on VC. Are you prepared for the stages in your business?

Connect with Aaron on Twitter: @apatzer