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Failure is serious business. As an entrepreneur, you're investing immense time and resources so that your company will make it. It's no laughing matter, tough to handle, and emotionally nerve-wracking.

We've written about failure before, providing information on Why Most Entrepreneurs' Ideas Fail. We've also discussed The Most Valuable Lessons from Failure.

Now, the story comes full-circle with three awkward business moments that you can learn from. If things go wrong, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try, try again.

1. Really Awkward Conference Calls - Learn to be a Leader

What is it about conference calls? Painful silences, accidental interruptions, relentless 'I'm sorries,' broken dial-in numbers, and bad static. No wonder we all hate them!

Entrepreneur-extraordinaire, it's time to learn from your less than delightful conference experiences and do something about them.

Step up and take the lead and show your team you're committed to a positive experience. Taking on the role of leader doesn't mean you should stop others from speaking up, though. Instead, you can take the reins and direct the conversation if there's a lull or awkward silence.

To be extra safe, check your conference lines ahead of time to make sure that your tech is in order.

Lead smooth conference calls:

2.  The Dreaded Meetups - Learn to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Networking sessions aren't your style. The last time you went to one, it was a total flop.

When you got to the event, you were way outside of your comfort zone. You clammed up, felt out of place, and realized the event wasn't what you'd expected. You'd invested a lot in attending, but left feeling unfulfilled.

You probably didn't get much out of the event, even though it was probably a decent opportunity. What can you do next time?

When you're at a meet up, put yourself out there and talk to people, no matter how horrible it feels. Listen, learn, and observe as much as you can. Just let go of whatever's holding you back. Once you get the wheels turning, you'll run like a well-oiled machine.

Networking and meetup advice:

3. PowerPoints that Fail - Learn That You're The Most Important Tool

It happens to the best of the best — the projector breaks, your computer doesn't sync up, or you forgot your cable. You've spent hours working on your pitch deck, so what in the world will you do?

If you have a PowerPoint failure, take it as an opportunity to prove what you're made of. Technical glitches aren't going to stop you!

At the end of the day, you don't need your PowerPoint. It's a tool that ultimately needs you. Give your presentation without it. Speak confidently. Show your audience that you're strong and awesome, that absolutely no catastrophe will phase you.

And next time, rehearse as much as possible. Be prepared so that your technology can keep up with you.

Great PowerPoints:

Awkward business moments happen to everyone, but you can learn valuable lessons when they happen to you. Remember to be calm under pressure and remain cool and collected, no matter what happens.

What have been some of your most awkward moments as an entrepreneur? Most importantly, what have you learned?