Plenty of today's professionals work from home, but what do their offices actually look like? We weren't sure of the answer, so we began to collect images from friends, customers, and members of the Grasshopper team.

Now, we've compiled 10 real life home offices to show the spaces where people work, learn, and grow.

1. Ramon E. Colon Owner, Colon Bookkeeping Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania

2. Matthew Kostanecki Business Development, InFlow Inventory (Archon Systems Inc.) Toronto, Ontario

3. Andy Fortson Cofounder, Co-Ed Supply Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4. Steve Schwarzlander Software Architect, Grasshopper San Antonio, Texas

5. Kate Gramlich Content & Outreach Manager, Ghergich & Co. Kansas City, Missouri

6. Chris Maes Software Developer, Gurobi Optimization Boston, Massachusetts

7. Alan Tipp Director of Design, Under Armour Eyewear Omaha, Nebraska

8. David Hauser Co-Founder & CTO, Grasshopper Las Vegas, Nevada

9. Donnie Cooper Online Marketing Consultant, Inboundable Panama City, Florida

10. Scott Lanning Front End Developer, Grasshopper Marlborough, Massachusetts

11. Could it be you?

Do you work from home? If so, what does your home office look like? Share a a photo with us!