Final Project The Pitch


This project is designed to enable you to use the knowledge you have gained in this course. This project will not only give you a chance to create your pitch, but also allow you the opportunity to deliver it to a real audience for feedback.

Step One

Gather the worksheets you completed in this course to outline your pitch script:

Step Two

Make sure that your pitch script includes the following pitch points (2pts each):

  • Business Model
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Overview of Competition
  • Implementation Plan
  • Financial Needs & Projection

Step Three

Practice presenting your pitch to friends or colleagues for feedback.

Step Four

After gathering feedback and perfecting your pitch, record yourself presenting your pitch, and submit the recording to Grasshopper.

Video must meet the following requirements.

  • 15 second explanation of who you are, where you're from and your experience with Grasshopper Academy
  • 30 second elevator pitch
  • 15 second “rating” by group of peers or colleagues

Step five

Within two weeks of the deadline, students will receive their grade, certificate of course completion, and information on whether or not they will participate in the Fireside Chat Lecture.

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