HelpScout vs. Groove

Which online help desk solution is right for you?

Help Scout vs. Groove

No one can deny that customer service has migrated to the online world. Customers are quick to take to email and social media with complaints, questions, and praise, and standard email systems are not the easiest way to manage these queries.

Apps Help Scout and Groove HQ are add-ons to traditional email. They organize your emails in a way that is more applicable to customer service. Both will help you and your team organize, assign, and respond to customers more efficiently.

If a service like that sounds like just what your company needs, read on to decide which option caters to you best.

Pros to Both Cons to Both
Boost team productivity & collaboration New system for employees to learn
Organize email in customer service friendly way Must be used on top of existing email system
Keep track of customer queries and who is responsible for responding  
Help Scout Logo Groove Logo
In Summary Help desk program with personalized email customer experience, creates reports that offer actionable support metrics, API available with Standard package, free 15-day trial offered Fully customizable and scalable help desk program, provides reports & metrics, open API, free 14-day trial offered but no free package available.
Pros Invisible to customers, many free integrations, reporting, organizes email in a way more conducive to customer service Invisible to customers, customizability with integrations, simple pricing, reporting/metrics, grows with your business, helps to organize email in best way for customer service
Cons Limited features, price per user for Standard package, Docs are additional $25/month No package options/free package, cost is per user, most features must be added through integration
  • Workflows
  • Reporting
  • Customer profiles
  • Phone call/voicemail storage
  • Docs
  • One-click intergrations
  • Custom apps
  • API
  • Organize entire customer conversations in one place, assign tickets to employees
  • Folders
  • Private notes
  • Metrics
  • App integrations
  • Easy to create FAQ articles
API HTTPS API (available to Standard customers) HTTP(S) API
Intergration Help Scout Apps Groove Extras (scroll down to view suite of extras)
Mobile App No Yes (compatible with iPhone & iPad)
Pricing Free: FREE Standard: $15 per user/month $15 per user/month
Options Free: (up to 3 users, 1 mailbox, Help Scout branded) Standard: (unlimited mailboxes, reports, workflows, API access) None
  • FAQ for Help Desk and Docs
  • In-site contact form
  • Extensive FAQ
  • In-site contact form

Review of Help Scout

Help Scout’s focus on email means that your customers won’t even be able to tell that you’re using the help desk program. Overall, Help Scout is invisible to customers and easy for team members to set up and use. You can:

  • set up customer profiles
  • assign queries to specific team members
  • add notes to other team members
  • keep track of who has and hasn’t been replied to


The Help Scout approach is a holistic effort to help you and your team improve their customer support. This means that their resources page garners a lot of focus from the company. For you, this means you can gain access to e-books, guides, and online classes all aimed at helping you better serve your customers.


Help Scout’s free forever plan is pretty generous, giving you 3 users and 1 mailbox. If you decide on the Standard plan, pricing is simple: $15 per user per month gets you unlimited everything—features, storage, integrations, and support. The biggest benefits here are:

  • unlimited emails and storage
  • access to reports and workflows
  • API access

The Bottom Line

Bottom line, it’s worth it. If email is your bread & butter when it comes to support, Help Scout is the help desk for you. Whether you choose the Free or Standard plan, this help desk’s improvements over traditional email will seriously boost your support team’s accuracy and efficiency. Help Scout offers a free 15-day trial of Standard service—try it for yourself and decide!

Review of Groove HQ

Groove looks and feels just like ordinary email to your customers, and optional Knowledge Base creates a generic help page for your customers to take a look at before contacting your team. Groove simplifies and streamlines your customer support process with features like:

  • assignment of support requests to specific team members
  • private notes
  • metrics and reports
  • a suite of extras


The biggest factors in Groove HQ are the integrations. The system is totally customizable. Groove itself provides a basic, help-desk platform, and you can integrate all of your other business apps with it. These integrations, which you pick and choose from, are what make the Groove system so powerful and relevant. As your business grows, Groove grows with you, allowing you to add additional features, including:

  • a knowledge base (think FAQ articles)
  • live chat
  • customer satisfaction ratings
  • Facebook & Twitter integration


Groove pricing is simple—$15 per user per month gets you access to all of Groove’s features. They don’t offer a free package, but who wants limited access anyway?

The Bottom Line

If your business interacts with customers via social media, Groove HQ is definitely the way to go. Integration with Facebook and Twitter easily turns tweets and posts into customer support tickets on the Groove dashboard, allowing team members to view and respond to all requests in one convenient location. If you’re a small shop, you won’t be bogged down by countless features you don’t need. Simply add Groove apps as you need them. Groove offers a free 14-day trial, so take a look and see how it fits you!

Some other solutions:


  • Centralized customer request program. Help Desk including knowledge base, community, and customer portal. Includes reporting and analytics, over 100 integrations
  • free 30-day trial on Plus plan
  • 5 plans ranging from $1 - $195 per user/month

  • Customer support platform that includes universal inbox, case management, self-service sites, productivity tools, customer profiles, reporting, multilingual, mobile, Salesforce
  • free 14-day trial of Standard plan
  • 3 plans ranging from $3/month - $50 per user/month


  • Project management service that helps teams share ideas and collaborate across locations
  • free 180-day trial
  • 2 plans ranging from $3 - $7 per user/month