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Congratulations! You’ve thrown paint on the walls and opened your doors for business. Now it’s time for a huge line to form around the block.

Well, hopefully. The truth is that getting customers and clients for a local business is way harder than it seems. In order to grow, you’ve got to build relationships, get the word out, and create a referral engine.

After all, there are seven other chic coffee shops and three other puppy trainers in your town. What’s going to make someone choose you?

You not only have to get people in the door, but you have to convince them to visit you again and again. There’s a lot to do!

Fear not. We’ve come to the rescue with this complete guide to growing locally. Get ready to grow, grow, grow.

Very thorough and thoughtful as to the tactics that work most efficiently for local businesses. It even includes cost estimates which is exactly what small businesses need when they're laying out a marketing plan. Hannah Richards Hannah Richards Ethos Marketing; Westbrook, ME
A guide that is actually insightful and actionable. A must-read for any local business owner! A.J. Ghergich A.J. Ghergich Ghergich & Co

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