Virtual Phone System Articles

Read all about virtual phone systems here – how to pick the best provider, how to set them up, the benefits of a VPS, and the history behind cloud-based systems and the numbers they support.

Webpreneur Awards

Webpreneurs are hard at work using today’s technology to make a better world. At Grasshopper, we want to recognize them. That’s why we've created The Grasshopper Webpreneur Award.

What Really Motivates Employees?

For centuries, businesses have tried to motivate their employees with rewards and punishments. On the surface, it seems these would be the easiest way to get employees to do a good job. This process is known as transactional leadership. It can be effective, but isn’t the only way to reach your employees.

Talking to Customers: Phone vs. Email

Your product or service should usually speak for itself, but sometimes you too will have to talk to customers. Whether its customer support or checking up on an invoice, you want to be clear and concise but also personable and trustworthy. A quick phone call would do, or maybe just a simple e-mail.

16 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Virtual PBX

Choosing a phone system may seem like a small task when you are starting a business but it’s certainly an important one. Your customers need to be able to reach you and you need to sound like a professional business.

Here are 16 questions to ask yourself to make sure you are choosing the right virtual PBX for ...

The History of 800 Numbers

When AT&T launched their “automated collect calling” option in 1967, they implemented it as a way to ease the load from their overworked staff of phone operators. Like Victor Frankenstein and Eli Whitney before them, they had no idea what their humble invention would grow to become.

The Startup's Guide To Virtual Phone Systems

Starting up a new company carries many expenses, some of which won’t show a significant return for years. Phone systems have traditionally been one of these unavoidable costs, but with the advent of virtual phone systems, startups have a new, cheaper way to get a great phone service.

Why Use Local Numbers?

When you are starting a small business, you will need to put some consideration into whether you want a local number, a toll-free phone number or both for your company. Where are your customers? Where will they be calling you from?

What is a Virtual PBX?

A virtual PBX is in essence, an advanced phone system that is affordable, easy to use and accessible from anywhere. This type of phone system is “virtual” for a reason; While it works with existing phones and existing lines for businesses, it uses an internet connection to keep your telecommunications line ...

What is Virtual Voicemail?

When you own a small business, staying connected is pertinent. If phone lines go down, operating your business can become extremely difficult.

Virtual phone systems have become increasingly popular for business owners who want to stay connected in a professional manner. Your voicemails are stored online and ...

Why Vanity Phone Numbers Work

There has been a wide debate on whether or not business owners should invest in vanity phone numbers to attract clients.

Vanity phone numbers are toll free numbers that spell out words in the phone number that match the numbers on the keypad. These letters can be your company logo, abbreviations, or phrases ...

Set Up Your Business Phone System in 30 Minutes

As a start-up, one dropped call could make the difference between viability and entrepreneurial failure. A virtual phone system is reliable and extremely affordable. Not only can you take advantage of unlimited extensions and online phone management tools, you can also complete your Grasshopper setup on your own ...

Toll Free Numbers by Industry

Grasshopper offers toll free numbers across the United States for entrepreneurs and small businesses in many industries. Toll free numbers can make your small business stand out in your industry. Check out local and toll free numbers from Grasshopper and get connected!