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“I have a lot of authority here. It’s about having the leeway to try new things. I love it and I’m excited for more.” Ashwini Tumne Sr. Software Engineer
“There are always fun things happening in the office which makes Grasshopper a great place to work. Parties, Lunch and Learns, team activities — we’re about company culture.” Sean Holland SQA Test Engineer
“Our culture is fun, vibrant, and team-oriented. Our roles aren’t structured and stiff — we get to pursue things we’re passionate about.” Allison Canty Customer Engagement Manager
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Our Core Values

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Go Above and Beyond

We strive to exceed the expectations of the people we work with and the entrepreneurs we serve. From taking ownership of responsibilities outside of our job description, to remaining committed to a project from start to finish, we go above and beyond to make a positive impact on everything we do.

Always Entrepreneurial

Being an entrepreneur means taking the initiative to find new and innovative solutions to daily challenges. This proactive approach to problem solving requires us to effectively calibrate risk while still thinking creatively and strategically.

Radically Passionate

Passion fuels our lives and ultimately paves the way to greatness. We create, evaluate, and innovate with pride and enthusiasm reinforcing our position as company ambassadors.

Your Team

Successful teamwork requires listening, sharing and keeping an open mind. Teamwork is achieved by leveraging individual strengths and overcoming differences to produce the optimal results. Working in this way cultivates trust and respect for each team member and maximizes productivity.

Life at Grasshopper

  1. × Design


    Our team is collaborative, open and progressive, working in an agile environment. The latest and greatest technology keeps us ahead of the curve — our designers are equipped with brand new retina display MacBook Pros and dual 27 inch monitors. We use JavaScript MVC frameworks, HTML5, SASS & Stylus. We go the extra mile too — we’ve gone to various UX conferences like Giant Conf in South Carolina, Breaking Dev in Dallas, FOWD in New York and An Event Apart in Boston. But it’s not just that—we are fun, focused and excellent at what we do.
  2. × Engineering


    We have a big vision and we’re not shy about transformation. We use the latest technologies from commercial and Open Source areas. We’re serious about investing internally in things like development tools, technology training, functional verification and load testing. Our engineers are well-versed in a variety of areas like systems design, coding, architecture and industry trends. We’re recognized and respected, striking deals with the largest communications carriers in the world. We believe our work will lead to big things — and that’s pretty cool.
  3. × Marketing


    Analytical, creative, customer-focused and always testing; our marketing team is energized by creating a positive brand experience. We test web conversions, create resources for entrepreneurs and aim to delight our customers. Each member of our team offers their skills — from SEO and analytics to community engagement to product management, and we love to try new things! Anyone on our team can dream a creative idea and see it come to life.
  4. × NOC


    We’ve invested internally to build a 24/7 world class operations center. Every member of our team can contribute in any area, and we’re always cross-training. We’re both Linux and Windows, Apache and IIS, and Oracle and MongoDB. Our hybrid cloud integrates our private co-located data centers with EC2 and Rackspace along with Heroku. Agile DevOps with JIRA, we practice CI/CD using git/GitHub with Puppet, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, Jenkins, Octopus, and Bamboo. We use whatever it takes — Bash, Python, Perl, GCC, PowerShell,VB, and more.
  5. × Services


    Solution seekers, culture drivers and financial forecasters; our business services team is a dynamic and creative group committed to supporting the company we love. Our team includes Human Resources, Finance & Accounting and Business Intelligence. From creating learning opportunities to cultivating camaraderie to analyzing data for insights — we innovate, collaborate and passionately seek solutions to challenges.
Pool Table

Work Hard, Play Hard

At Grasshopper we believe that happy employees are productive employees. We try to mix as much fun as possible into our work. There’s a pool table in the office and we have a room for people to take PlayStation 3 or Wii breaks during the work day.

We have half-day Fridays in the summer, as well as company parties and activities throughout the year. Now and then we break out the beer train and deliver beer to people in the office.

Some of Our Awesome Benefits

Why Grasshopper?

So Why Work With Us?

Grasshopper is more than a communications company. We're building a global brand to help entrepreneurs change the world. We're always improving, always testing, always changing and there's never a dull moment. If you're smart, love startups, want to make a difference, and embody our core values, we want to talk with you.

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