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Venture Capital: Who Are The Entrepreneurs Getting Funding? [Infographic]

Venture capital funding in the tech world is often seen as the golden ticket to success (bootstrapping is a great way to start too). This made us curious about who the founders of the VC backed companies are, and how much funding are they actually getting?  Thanks to a study by CB insights, we were able to acquire an in depth look into a large sample of venture capital backed companies across the country, with a focus on three major players in the tech startup world: California, Massachusetts, and New York.

Ent Funding

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  • Richard

    Awesome analysis! Some people would probably debate on the value they can get out of something like this, but for curiosity driven people like me – it’s fodder!

    Again, some people would dispute the regional bifurcation because well – people in NY are starting different kind of startups than people in the valley. And a handful of large deals can skew averages hugely!

    It’d be interesting to see something like this for pure seed funds though! :-)

    Cheers, and thanks for this amazing post!


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